Educational package available

Ideal for students of English and/or Drama in grades 10-13

An English Angst provides the perfect basis for students to explore various aspects of British culture, including the UK’s relationship to Europe. So now an educational package is available for use in the classroom.

As well as full access to view the play online, the package includes student materials and a teacher’s guide with suggestions for differentiated application in the classroom. There are pre- and post-viewing activities including authentic texts, song lyrics, visuals, video clips and guiding questions to activate the target language and inspire/stimulate your students.

A great opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of British culture; practise and develop their language and analytical skills.  Identity and belonging are among several themes presented, along with teenage rebellion, nostalgia and the power of the media. You can explore these contemporary subjects with your class in connection with the theatre performance.

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Pre-viewing materials consist of 6 sections covering key themes:
Section Title Content Material Language Skills
1 General Terms and Idioms Gapfill exercise Writing
2 Cultural Context: 1980’s England Music Video Research and presentation
3 Teenage Rebellion Song text Listening comprehension: Writing / discussion
4 British Drinking Habits Article Reading comprehension: Discussion
5 Nostalgia Song text Discussion
6 Identity and Belonging Articles and graphics Comprehension, Analysis and Opinion
Post-viewing materials consist of 6 sections covering key themes:
Section Title Content Material Language Skills
1 UK Political Rhetoric Political speeches Reading & text analysis
2 Monologue Writing / Performance Script extract Reading, writing, performing
3 Future of the EU Script extract & leading questions Reading, discussion
4 National Identity and Opinion Script extracts Reading, writing, speaking
5 Characterisation Audio file from the production Listening & writing
6 TransEUR Media Project stimulus Discussion & Design project

You can choose from four different packages

  • Ed. Pack 1: Pre-show materials + Access to view the play €35,-
  • Ed. Pack 2: Pre- & Post-show materials + Access to view the play €45,-
  • View and read: Access to view the play + PDF of script for classroom analysis only €30,-
  • View only: Access to view the play  €15,- (class of max. 30);